Completed Training Rigging Stage 3 9099

Register Rigging and Banksman  9099  OPITO  standard has successfully Completed Training Stage 3 Assessment And number of registration or certificate

Name Number of certificate Expire   Current position
Handy Frans Mamuaja 2518052016  HNDM May 2020 offshore
Anastacio A Dacosta 909911170915 AATDC Sept 2019 offshore Angola 
Angelo Salamone 909918250815 AGLOSLM August 2019 offshore Angola 
Arvian Yohanes K A909926056815 AVNYK May 2019 offshore Angola 
Jance Rau 1003180419602018 JNCR May 2022 offshore Mediteranian
Yoppy Rumagit 909919081962 YPYR May 2019 offshore 
Amandio Mongala 909967081580 AMDM May 2019 offshore Angola 
Michael Darmawongso 1009169817 MCHDRSO Sept 2019 Offshore oil field
Heryanto 17111698 HYT Nov 2020 Offshore Indonesia
Ronny Wijaya 17111695 RNYW Nov 2020 Offshore Indonesia
Michael Tiwa 17111688 MCHT Nov 2020 Offshore Indonesia
Jordy Tonardy 17111696 JRDY Nov 2020 Offshore Indonesia
Budi Hermanto 1502171512800017 BDMH Feb 2021 Offshore oil field
Djonny Evert Tulandi 1502406086713017 DNJT Feb 2021 Gulf De Suez
Petrus Putirulan 909901091977 PTRSN Oct 2021 Offshore Indonesia
Jefry Rayngers 20021879437702018 JRYG Feb 2022 Offshore oil field
Edwin CB Mowilos 200218 42977292 EDWM Feb 2022 Offshore oil field
Wahyu Purnomo 05050170 WHUPN May 2021 Offshore oil field
Andri Yanto 1804190389 ANDRIYNT April 2021 Offshore oil field

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OGTC founded in February 15.2009, with the main reason we created crane operator be professional and experienced and intelligent so as to minimize accidents in the technique of lifting weights or human


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We serve  training for offshore Crane operator, Rigger , we to create a reliable power and are ready to work  the  as well as the mobilization of high and responsible mentally


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